Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We Asked Ourselves "Why?"

36 years ago today, our first son was born. He never drew a breath. For some reason, his heart just stopped beating during the birth process. He was perfectly formed, weighed 10 pounds and was 22 inches long. Till had a real hard labor due to his size, but all was proceeding normally yet slowly. Suddenly...nothing.
Today marks his 36th birthday. We asked ourselves then why this happened to us. What had we done wrong. The doctors had no answers. No cord problems, everything seemed fine. His heart just stopped. To this day, we still wonder why. These days, there are all kinds of technology to either stop this from happening, or to find out why it happens. Times have really changed.
Today was a hard one. Some years go by and we don't think much about it, but with all the talk about the new grandchild, it brought back those unhappy memories.
I can say that the experience we shared made us stronger and drew us closer. Our pastor at that time told us that these types of experiences can either make or break a marriage. Fortunately, I believe the loss strengthened our marriage. Not only that, it made us cherish our two living children even more. So good did prevail.
So maybe it's time to stop asking "why" and remember all that is good in our lives. We were taught patience and understanding, as well as love. I thank God for that!


Amaranth said...

God must have needed a little angel that day.

Take heart in knowing you'll see him again. My prayers to you both.

Lilith said...

I'm running out of kleenex over here.

Jimmie Earl said...

Amaranth: Thanks for your comment. We both appreciate it.

Lil: Sorry to sound maudlin, just had to express feelings that I had never put down on paper (or cyberpaper). It felt good. One of my readers said I had been serious enough now, it's time for a humorous blog. So pack up the Puffs for now. I promise a funny one soon.

Lilith said...

I understand why you wrote what you did and it was beautiful.