Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What Is Left To Say?

I committed a serious mistake the other night. I whined on line that I had no one to talk to and no one really wanted to listen to me when I was feeling down. Well, let me recant that. I have a wonderful family that is always there to listen to me, whether it is on a down day or an up day. I so do appreciate them. Some days I wonder how they stand being around me.
I apologize to my family for what I said. I cherish each of you and what you bring into my life.
I also want to apologize to those friends of mine who have been there for me this last year. I made it sound like you don't care, and I know you do.
I must admit that I was in a bad place when I wrote that blog. I should be more careful when I post and let my feeling go. I need to hold onto these writings for a while before I post them and reread them a few times.
From now on, I intend to take a more positive tack and think good thoughts.


booknut26 said...

Apology accepted! Don't forget...whenever you're feeling down, you can always come over for a Baby fix!!!!

Curley said...

Just goes to show you we are reading even when we don't comment. Take care and know that we are out there willing to listen.

Professor said...

you know it's okay to whine about no one to talk to. it wasn't directed at me, but I think I know what you mean. Family and friends are a certain type of person to talk to but just can't replace that "significant other" person to talk to. you always had mom and that talking between a life partner is completely different to that you do with kids or friends.

No worries dad, from me at least. Some days are just like that!

(Right now I've talked my choice to death to the point where I'm sick of hearing the sound of my own voice...LOL)