Sunday, May 24, 2009

All Is Well!

After ending up in the ER lat month, a lot has happened. I saw a cardiologist from a large Cardiology group in Ft. Wayne. He wasn't too concerned after talking to me, but suggested, no ordered, some tests on the ol' ticker. Since my mom had died of a sudden heart attack, as had my mother's oldest brother, and the fact that my older brother has had to have a valve replaced in his heart, Dr. M thought it would be a good idea to be checked out.
So, on 5/12 I visited Ft. Wayne Cardiology. I had an Echocardiogram, a neuclear stress test, plus a myoview. I was nervous about all of this, but both my children as well as Curley rallied around me and went along. It was an experience. I had to have a radioactive isotope injected by IV, then sit for 45 minutes as it curculated through by blood stream. Then I had the myoview. It is a GIANT camera that I laid under and it slowly moved over my chest taking pictures of my heart, while the tech people watched on a monitor. Then I had to walk a treadmill. That was a snap. No problems. Then I had the echogram. That was interesting, too. Much like what my daughters had when they were carrying the grandchildren. I went to lunch for 3 hours and returned to the office for another myoview scan. Then came the hard part. Waiting for the results.
On Friday the 15th, after turning 64 on the 13th, I had an appointment with my GP, who had the results of all these tests. I am pround and profoundly thankful to be able to say that my heart is is good condition. No problems anywhere. Dr. GP said that the only thing wrong with my heart is that has been broken, and will just take time to heal. I guess dealing with the loss of my wife, and all that goes with it, has caused me a lot more stress that I realized. Dr. GP recommended that I take something to help with the stress and depression for a while, and that I start having more time for myself instead of immersing myself in working two jobs, and maybe try to relax a little more. So that is my goal for this summer.
On June 2, I am boarding the big silver bird and flying to Texas for an extended stay with my brother and sister in law. It will be good to get away and good to spend time with them. With Prof here to mind the house, and my grandson to mow my lawn, I can relax and have some fun. That's exactly what I intend to do.
School is almost out, and though I love my job and the students, I am looking forward to being able to just step away from it all for a couple of months. I just need some time for me. Selfish? Maybe so, but it's time.

Peace and Love,


Maggie said...

Bout damn time you posted! Glad all is well and i hope you have fun in TX- we'll miss ya!

Curley said...

I wouldn't call it selfish. I would call it about time. Have a great vacation. Don't worry about a thing at home. We'll watch over everything.

Lilith said...

Glad to hear that things are pretty much a-okay!

Enjoy your trip to Texas!