Monday, October 19, 2009

What I've Read...2009

Not to be bragging, but I love to read. I don't intend to review books that I have read, I am just listing them, and I might comment about some of them.

1. Lie Down With the Devil: Linda Barnes
2. The Husband: Dean Koontz
3. Stargirl: Jerry Spinelli
4. The First Patient: Michael Palmer
5. Vanishing Point: Marcia Muller
6. The Outlander: Gil Adamson (don't waste your time)
7. Playing for Pizza: John Grisham
8. Run For Your Life: James Patterson
9. Monkey Island: Paula Fox (I read for school)
10. Judge and Jury: James Patterson
11. Cross Country: James Patterson
12. The Legal Limit: Michael Clark
13. The Quilter's Apprentice: Jennifer Chiawernini
14. Divine Justice: David Balducci
15. The Associate: John Grisham
16. Hold Tight: Harlan Coben (greatest author I've read for a while)
17. Extreme Measures: Vince Flynn
18. The Last American Man: Elizabeth Gilbert (true story, he was an ass)
19. The Woods: Harlan Coben
20. Stormy Weather: Carl Hiassen
21. The 8th Confession: James Patterson
22. The Innocent: Harlan Coben
23. The Pearl: John Steinbeck (I read this for school)
24. Tell No One: Harlan Coben
25. Water For Elephants: Sarah Gruen (wonderful read)
26. On The Inside: Ted Wood
27. The Divide: Nicholas Evans
28. Promise Me :Harlan Coben
29. Gone For Good: Harlan Coben
30. No Second Chance: HarlanCoben
31. Tailspin: Catherine Coulter
32. The Watchmen: Robert Crais
33. Once Were Cops: Ken Bruen (Weird; waste of time)
34. Chasing Darkness: Robert Crais
35. The Summer I Dared: Barbara Delinsky
36. Gone Tomorrow: Lee Childs
37. Hostage: Robert Crais
38. Darkest Fear: Harlan Coben
39. Indigo Slam: Robert Crais
40. Three Weeks in Paris: Barbara Taylor Bradford
41. The Secret Between Us: Barbara Delinsky
42. Trigger City: Sean Chercover
43: Imposter: Davis Brunn
44. The Appeal: John Grisham
45. Voodoo River: Robert Crais
46. Perfect Evil: Alex Kava
47. The Final Detail: Harlan Coben
48. Necessary Evil: Alex Kava
49. Knock Out: Catherine Coulter
50. At the Stroke of Madness: Alex Kava
51: Pictures of Hollis Woods: Patricia Reilly Giff
52. Blizzard's Wake: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
53. There's A (Slight) Chance I'm Going to Hell! : Laurie Notaro
54: Swimsuit: James Patterson
55. Vanished: Joseph Finder
56. The Slow Way Home: Michael Morris
57. First Family: David Baldacci
58. Scarcrow: Michael Connelly (OMG! Ya gotta read this one.)
59. Panic Attack: Jason Starr (Not bad, but shallow characters and crude.)
60. Fugitive: Phillip Margolin (another great read)
61. Medicine Road: Will Henry (old western at it's best)
62.Lost Lake: Phillip Margolin
63. The Lucky One: Nicolas Sparks (great read, not sad for a change)
64. Proof Positive: Phillip Margolin
65. Fire and Ice: J.A. Jance
66. Revolution No. 9: Neil McMahon (Excellent!)
67. The Burning Man: Phillip Margolin (Good read.)
68. A Bend in the Road: Nicholas Sparks (Typical good Sparks work)
69. Justice Denied: J.A. Jance(Excellent read.)
70. Cruel Intent: J.A. Jance (Another good read by J.A.)
The Midnight Club: James Patterson (written in 1989! How did is miss it?)
72. American Outrage: Tim Green (OMG! I could hardly put it down.)
73. I, Alex Cross: James Patterson (read in 1 day, if that tells you how good it is!)
74. The Choice: Nicholas Sparks
75. Hard Target: Alan Jacobson
76. The Guardian: Nicholas Sparks
77. The 7th Victim: Alan Jacobson (If you like Patterson, you'll like Jacobson)

As you can tell, I am a "grab it off the shelf" kind of reader. If the dust jacket sounds good, I usually go with it. When I find an author I really like, I want to read everything he or she has written.
I will keep adding as the list grows. When I look at my list, no wonder my grass needed mowing and my house needed dusting!
Keep on readin'


Lilith said...

I read "The Husband" and while I thought it was a good book, I didn't like the ending.

Curley said...

Ok, I want to know how you can remember all those? Have you kept a list? Maybe if I did that, I wouldn't be picking up the same books all the time.

Maggie said...

We've obviously read some of the same books. Great long list- you're catching up to me!

Jimmie Earl said...

Lilith: To each his own but I really liked it.

Curley: Yes, I keep a list. I don't know how many books I have checked out of the library only to find I have read it before. Bummer!

Maggie: Don't think I could ever keep up with your reading, but I'm trying. Thanks for all the trips to the library you have made for me.