Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Happy List

I am supposed to make a "Happy List" with 10 things that make me happy to go with this award from Maggie. Here it is:

1. Spending time in my favorite brown recliner makes me happy. Kiddo beware!!!

2. Being with my granddaughter, the divine Miss K and seeing that precious smile of hers makes me happy.

3. Seeing one of my learning challenged students have an "ah-ha!" moment makes me happy.

4. Beer and chocolate together make me happy.

5. My family makes me happy.

6. Being with Curley and laughing up a storm makes me happy.

7. Singing makes me happy.

8. The anticipation of retiring makes me extremely happy.

9. Playing around with my new Cricut has its own kind of happiness.

10. Drinking Margaritas after a long day makes me happy.


Maggie said...

You deserve it! Great list!

Curley said...

Laughing up a storm with you also makes me happy. Chocolate and beer,UGH! And I love to watch you sing. You have joy in your heart when you sing.

Jimmie Earl said...

Mags: Thanks! You know me and lists. I don't particularly like them, but WTH!

Curley: First, let me say "don't knock beer and chocolate until you've tried it." Especially with a dark lager. HA! Of course you being a non-drinker, I can understand your apprehension.
Thanks for the compliment about my singing. And you are right. While singing is one of the few times I can truly say I have joy in my heart. You're so sweet to say so!