Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick Book Review

I don't think I have ever requested that our local library purchase a book.  In fact, I know I haven't because until just a few weeks ago, I didn't know they took patron requests.  Anyhow, I asked them to get "A Killing in the Hills" by Julia Keller.  I had read about it coming out on one of my literary websites and thought it would be something I would like.  It was a pretty good one.  It was the author's first novel.  I was slightly disappointed that it was so wordy.  I think Ms Keller could have told the story in a lot fewer pages. 
The author really hit the poverty in the Appalachian regions on the head.  I have relatives living in that area and have seen it first hand.  Her descriptions of the area were right on, too.  This novel was what I call a "smart book," where the author isn't afraid to use the ten dollar words.  I like books like that.  I just thought there was too much "personal crap" going on behind the scenes with the main character, which didn't really add to the story, and which she left the reader hanging out there wondering what happened with her daughter and her sister.  Makes me think that this will become another series.
All in all, I would give it 3 stars out of 5.

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