Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An "Oh Crap," Day

Just when thing seem to be going well, BAM!  Things can go to hell in a hurry.  Today is one of those days.
What started out as a fun morning, breakfast with an old high school chum, and then back to  the house for a nap and some quality crochet time, turned into an Oh Crap time instead.  Not even three years ago, I had a new roof put on my kitchen.  It was expensive, but supposedly wouldn't have to be replaced in my lifetime. Something like a 20 year warranty.  Well, after raining all day yesterday, high winds and more rain and some snow, it is leaking.  So, that warranted a call to the guy who installed it.  He's expected here later on today to assess the damage and cure the problem, but my kitchen ceiling has still another trouble spot that will take extensive repairs.  I have been saving money all along to redo my kitchen, put in new ceiling and floor covering.  I am certainly glad that I hadn't done that yet, though it is on my "to-do" list for spring.
Also, before I left for Texas, at my last dental visit, my good Dr. Toothman told me that I needed to have a crown put on a lower back molar.  It is mostly filling and he said that I needed to do that before it fractured.  Well, I had used up my limit of dental insurance for 2012, so I thought I would do it when I got back and the new insurance year was in effect.  Today, I bit into a jelly bean.  A purple one, and I don't even like them very well, and felt something hard in my mouth along with the super soft jelly bean goo.  Well, the molar had fractured, and I lost a huge (read felt like a boulder here) piece of tooth and filling.  So, I called the dentist and he will see what he can do to either repair or pull (the refer to it as extract...ugh) on Monday next.  So, all in all it's been a "no good, very bad, day, so far.  And it's only 3:00 PM.  What else can happen?  I think I will stay in the house and pray for the best for the rest of the day.

Peace, (please)

*NOTE:  The roof guys are here and up there with caulking guns and goop.  My new roof wasn't leaking.  It seems that a piece of fascia board or something was loose and needed caulking and etc.  Maybe that will stop the rainwater.


Mellodee said...

Well then, your "no good, very bad day" isn't QUITE as bad as you thought! It's a lot better to have a small repair than a big one...and that kind of surprise is a real gift!! I'd say things are looking up! :)

Curley said...

I'm sorry you have had such a crap day. Hope tomorrow is better. I hope they got the leak fixed for you. We still have a leak and don't know where it is.

Anvilcloud said...

I am having dental fun too. I had an onlay pop out on the weekend, and had an appt scheduled for today. I got a few klicks along the hwy and turned back due to snow. It was slippery and there were just two tire tracks to follow. I am now re-scheduled for next Wed. Oh, and our roof job, done a few years ago, is also crap.