Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Silence is Golden

Gee, it's been  almost a month since my last post.  Well, maybe that's because there hasn't been much worth writing about.  Oh, I could write about birthday # 68 that occurred last week, but sometimes things just go on without saying.  It was a nice day, spent with my  good friend Curley, who took me out for breakfast, then my daughter took me to a rather swanky restaurant for dinner in the evening.  My son and his family had me to there house the next evening for a nice dinner.  Otherwise, #68 seemed to be just another leaf turned over in the page of my life.
I have the roof leak fixed in the kitchen and am getting estimates for the interior damage.  All of the local contractors that I have contacted are extremely busy (good for them) due to the hail and rain damage throughout the county, so I am on a waiting list.  That's okay, I can live with that.  I am sure that there are more serious causes than mine.  I would post a picture of my kitchen ceiling here, but it's too depressing.  LOL!
Not much else to post at this time.  So sometimes that silence is golden, and some times it isn't.



Terry said...

Happy Birthday, JE.

Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations on your birthday and the many meals out. I cannot understand, however, why no one took you out for lunch on your birthday. :)

Jimmie Earl said...

Anvilcloud: Actually, my friend Curley and I ate a late breakfast and were out and about and too full for lunch, however, we did get ice cream in the afternoon!

Georgia Stromer said...

Happy Birthday!

Curley said...

We could have done lunch but it would have had to been take-out and saved for a later day. Just like the left-over breakfast I took home that never got ate. I know you are laughing right now because you told me it wouldn't. Glad to have you back posting. I've missed reading your stories.