Thursday, December 19, 2013

How's Your Music?

I love music!  Almost all kinds.  Now by "almost" I mean that I don't care for the "new age" and "rap" stuff.  I mean real music.  You know, something with a tune. It doesn't necessarily have to have words.  As a matter of fact, if I am just sitting reading or crocheting or crafting, I prefer background music without words to concentrate on. I especially like piano background music like Danny Wright, Lori Line, John Tesh.  When I am just listening, then words are okay.
I love country.  Just give me some Reba, Martina, Brad Paisley, etc. and I am in 'hog heaven.'  I like Norah Jones and her sultry voice.  Her "Turn Me On" turns me on. (No minds in the gutter, please.)  I like to listen to Tony Bennett, and Bing, and Perry.  Sinatra not so much.  His high notes just send that "fingernails on the chalkboard" feeling down my spine.  I like Celine, too.  Last night she was on TV and I was on the computer.  I stopped what I was doing and turned to watch her.  My daughter, who has very good taste in music, though diverse, said that Celine was so passe now.  I don't care.  I still have her on my ipod and listen to her while I walk.  I miss Whitney, too.  Her soaring voice was sensational!
I was "into" Michael Bolton's music for a long time.  His younger voice sounded so cool but now that he's doing car commercials, I can say that maybe he could tone it down a little.  I still think he has a great stage presence, though, and would go see him in concert if he every got close by.
Ann Murray is another favorite from years gone by.  My late wife and I trekked to the state capitol to see her in concert once upon a time.  Man, that gal could sing.  And I saw her recently on PBS and she still can sing! I have lots of her stuff on CD and iPod. 
Of course, I cannot go without saying that I love, love, love gospel music.  Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, the Gaither Vocal Band, (would be better if Bill would retire), Guy Penrod, Dave Phelps, Ray Boltz.  They all just speak to me.  These are just a few of the great ones.  And have you ever heard the Oakridge Boys sing gospel?  They're made for it!
So you see, there are all kinds of music that reaches me.  Maybe it depends on what I am doing, or my state of mind, but needless to say, I love music!



Terry said...

I'm a music lover too. While I'm right brained and should have some aptitude for music I fail miserably in that area. So even though I can't sing and dance and play an instrument I seem to associate songs and music emotively with events in my life. Therefore my interests are eclectic but overall I think we have to consider music from the '60's as the best period in history for music, especially folk and rock. Keep singing, JE.

Jimmie Earl said...

Terry: That was our era of music, thus thinking the 60's was the best era musically.(I never much cared for Elvis then, and still don't! :( ) I like the 40's stuff and even the 30's. I was never into folk music much. Too earthy to suit my taste back then, but now I do listen to it periodically.
I neglected to mention Carole King in my blog, but that woman's music is fantastic. Her career spans decades. I loved her "It Might As Well Rain Until September" from 1963, and I have several of her CDs as well as her "Living Room" tour on DVD. If you have a chance to pick that one up, do. It's great!

Terry said...

Thanks for stimulating my memory with blog post, JE. I just finished listening to a few number 1's from the '60's. I'm not much of an Elvis follower either but I do like his gospel music especially "How Great Thou Art".
I like Joan Baez's voice above any female vocalist (I wish I liked her politics as much) I listened to "We Gotta Get Outa This Place and Fortunate Son both popular with us in Vietnam. "Eve of Destruction". Anyway thanks for the memories.

Anvilcloud said...

I am always humming and whistling but seldom seem to listen. I don't know why; I just don't get around to it, I guess. I am so out of touch that I don't know most of the musicians that you mentioned. Anne Murray was/is a good one though. Thanks for the card btw.