Monday, October 20, 2014

"Grammarly" Speaking!

As a former English teacher, nothing rubs me the wrong way as much as bad grammar.  I notice it most on Facebook.  Okay, I know that Facebook is not  necessarily the place to be grammatically correct, but I do believe people look rather ignorant sometimes by the words they choose to post.

As an example, this summer a young lady on Facebook got married.  She continuously referred to the wedding as "Matt and I's wedding."*  I was appalled.  I know this young lady, knew her English teachers in middle and high school, and also know that if she took the time to reread what she had written time after time, she would know she was looking pretty uneducated.  (She has now graduated from college!)  I so wanted to send her a message and correct her grammar, but being the kind, retired English teacher that I am, I just seethed quietly and didn't do it.  Grrrr!

Another grammar misuse that really grinds my coffee is the old, "they're, there, their" mistake.  I recently saw a poster that could be used in the classroom that described what each of these meant and how to use them.  I wish I would have had that poster in my classroom years ago.

I know this is just a minor blip in the EKG of life, but it just bugs me.  Rant over!  I need to get a life!


*Note:  Correct usage:  "Matt's and my wedding."


Terry said...

I'm with you, JE. The one that irritates me the most is you're and your.

Marcia said...

In my newspaper's sports section was this quote from a local college football player: "Myself and a few other guys just expressed our feelings, and ways to move forward."
English teachers have their work cut out for them.

Curley said...

Good for you JE. Once in a while I do make a mistake and the reason is always because I didn't poof-read.

Jimmie Earl said...

OMG! My student mentioned in this post did it again. She posted a pic on FB with the caption, "Matt and I's first Halloween together." I am still fuming.