Monday, July 24, 2006

Oh Gosh!!!

I have never been one to get too excited about much. But "OH MY GOSH!" my kids are making me gray before my time. Well, if I had hair it would be gray totally or even white by now. All in a short span, both of our children have thrown me curve balls.
First, Lil Bro, our son and his wife announced that Till and I are going to be grandparents again. It has been 13 years since the last grandchild. I wonder if they still are made the same way. This is their first child and they are almost as thrilled as we are!!!! I perused the garage and located the hand made cradle that we used for our children and Kiddo, and the rocking chair, and the rocking horse and car seat. It's all there awaiting the big arrival. This is so exciting. We decided 13 years ago that the best part about being grandparents is that we can spoil them and send them home. What fun. It's already fun to listen to the two of them talk about names and "how are we going to afford this or that." I sit back and grin and just say that "it will all work out."
Then a day or two later, Professor tells us she is moving to Montana. Now there's a real curve ball. Who in their right mind moves to Montana on purpose? Prof does. She wants to teach, has the opportunity to do so in MONTANA!!! Her biggest class will be 19 students. Oh to have a class of 19 students.
All weekend long we have teased her about being the only one in town that everyone will know before she gets there. Being a single "school marm" in a town of 352 people will be interesting. Every cowboy in a 50 mile radius will be knocking on her door. And she's never been on a horse!!!
So Tilly and I are just sitting back and waiting for all of this to happen. It will be an interesting year for us all. Keep reading, cause the ol' blog will be full of updates from my point of view of what's going on.

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Amaranth said...

Congratulations on the upcoming grandchild! How fun for you! We are trying for a pregnancy, and although my mom claims that she is too young for grandkids, I know she'll be thrilled when it happens.

I happen to LOVE Montana. We went on our honeymoon, and I told my husband that it was a good thing we were married before we went, because if we weren't I would have stayed! Granted, I am an outdoorsy cowgirl type, but's my favorite place to be.