Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Savers, collectors, or pack-rats?

Bear in mind as you read this, that Tilly and I live in a very modest house, about 1650 sq.ft. with a garage and my woodworking shop which sits out away from everything else. All of this on a 75'x125' city lot. Just keep this in the back part of your brain, okay?
Sunday afternoon, after my nap, I was out perusing my flowers and yard, and decided to take a look into my shop and garage. In the shop, which is a mess right now, mainly because it's too damn hot to work out there, and I need to clean it up, sweep up the sawdust, and generally clean, up in the loft, I found the following stuff. There is an old suitcase full of Barbie dolls, clothes shoes and accessories. There is a box of Barbie furniture, another doll trunk full of some other doll and her wardrobe. There is a huge storage bin of children's books. There is another two bins containing photographs dating back to the early days of our marriage. There is also two pictures we used to have hanging on the wall and a bin of outdated craft items, that we will probably never use again. Along with that, is a bin with silver trays, pitchers and etc which we received as wedding gifts. We are not the "silver" type of entertainers, tho we have been known to "put on the dog" once in a while. All of this is neatly arranged and labelled.
Strolling on to my garage, I was amazed at the "stuff" that was stashed in every conceivable corner and nook. Professor has some of her things temporarily stacked in there(part of her 34 boxes of books) so I overlook that. Lil Bro has some stuff there too, like a skateboard, a scooter and basketball and bikes. I overlook that too. What I see is a shelving unit that is 8 feet long, 4 feet deep and 10 feet high stacked with Christmas decorations. No shith, there is nothing on those shelves but Christmas stuff. We normally erect and decorate approximately 9 Christmas trees during the holiday season. We also put up one of those minature villages with at least 50 buildings, trees, people and so on. You have to store all of that paraphanalia somewhere. Did I mention that I like to decorate for Christmas? There is also a coffee table in a state of being refinished, a file cabinet full of music and other whatnot, Professor's old toy box, Kiddo's old toy box, along with a freezer, coolers, garden tools and lawn mower and snow blower. This is all on the floor. Overhead is my old toy barn and farm impliments(toys) Kiddo's rocking horse, Professor and Lil Bro's cradle, more Christmas decorations which belonged to my mother, old checks and receipts and a plethora of junk I can only imagine. I found my mom's collection of ceramic ducks and another box labelled "paper weights." These too came from my mom"s house when she died. There is a complete set of every day dishes up there that belong to some one of the kids. Who knows which one.
Now, let me tell you about our collections inside the house. We have a shelf around two sides of our master bath that has ceramic, wood and various other types of birds. We also have birdhouses scattered about. In the bedroom, you see Tilly's collection of teddy bears. But the real "treasures" are in the kitchen. We collect tins. Currently we have 120 tins of various sizes and shapes. We also posess two complete sets of fine china, along with 3, count 'em, sets of everyday dishes. One of which we never use, but it's the one we started up housekeeping with and neither of us want to part with.
In the basement, or what we call "the dungeon" is more Christmas stuff (this goes out of doors) and other junk we "just don't want to part with."
Now, let me make it perfectly clear, I am as much to blame for this saving and hoarding of stuff as Tilly is. Did I mention that I like to decorate for Christmas? At last count, I have 19 different Nativity Scenes. Complete! Some are very tiny, but one is nearly life size, and lights up. I love to display that one out front where our neighbors across the street, who don't believe in Christmas, can fully enjoy it. It is garish and probably in very poor taste, but...did I mention that I like to decorate for Christmas?
After my tour, I came back into the house and asked Tilly what we were going to do with all this stuff? She said we would just keep it and let the kids worry about it when we are gone. So, Prof and Lil Bro, beware. You have your work cut out for you once of these days. He, he, he!!!


Lilith said...

Sounds like you put on quite the show for Christmas. I might have to make the trip down there to see!! I love looking at Christmas decorations.

Professor said...

oh shit! can we say ebay? or garage sale? dear goddess please? By the way, Lil bro and Sis'tah are so welcome to all the ceramic ducks and tins he wants! and the chirping bird clock..and the light up baby Jesus! LMAO daddy!

Jimmie Earl said...

Lilith: You are welcome to come see the Christmas wonderland. Tilly says NOT to putting all the trees up, but we'll see!

Prof: Fess up now, you really want the clock. It's your favorite! Is that why the batteries keep coming up missing?
I think Sis'tah will have something to say about the ducks and tins!!! If I knew how to list on ebay, I could increas you inheritance considerably! LOL!

Lilith said...

If you can't find a home for the bird clock, I would be honored to take it into my home!!!