Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Been a While

It's been a while since my last post. Not much has happened. We had a week off from school for Spring Break. The first two days were absolutely beautiful here in Area 52. It was sure nice to go without a coat and enjoy the sunshine. On Wednesday, the weather turned to crap and we ended the week wearing our winter togs once more. Wife Tilly didn't even wear her new shirt and slack set that she bought for Easter to church. She wore a sweater. It was a different Easter for us. It was the first one without either of our children present. Professor, of course, couldn't come home just for the Easter weekend, and Little Bro had to work that Sunday. His lovely wife, Kiddo, our grandson, and Tilly's parents joined us at a local restaurant for a nice dinner at noon. Then we all went our respective ways, and I took a nap. At church that Sunday, my choir had sung a lovely cantata, so I had had my "music fix."
School began again. The students weren't ready to come back, and neither were most of the staff. But we are all persevering and have only 6 more Mondays to go.
We had our taxes figured last week, and are getting a refund from both the Feds and the State. What a pleasant surprise that was.
I stood in line last Saturday to get the plates for our two vehicles, one of which doesn't run right now. I had forgotten that plates in our state expire on the 15th and the last day. Ours was the 15th, so I had to do a rush job.
Saturday afternoon, it started raining, and suddenly the temp dropped and we ended up with over an inch of snow on the ground by nightfall. What the he--?? Sunday the temp went up to about 55 degrees, so the snow left in a hurry. All of our flowering trees are stunted, and I am sure my tulips and lilacs won't bloom at all. Damn!
We' re reviewing for county testing at school, and the kids are not at all receptive. I don't think they realize just how important these tests are towards our funding and etc.
I ticked off a couple of teachers today because they are always bashing our special ed system at our school and speaking unkindly about some of "my kids" and I had had enough. I told them that they needed more training on how to deal with learning disabled students, and that the teachers and aides in our department were not superhuman! Suddenly the teacher's lounge was very quiet. But I didn't back down. But I did shut up!!!
My men's quartet sang at a neighboring town's Church of the Brethren revival service. It was my first experience at a revival. It was an eye-opening experience. We had a very receptive audience for our music, but the message was very LONG and repetitive. I don't intend to attend another one any time soon. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Too intense for me!
It sounds like Professor's school production of "Grease" will be a smashing success. She promised to have it video-taped so Tilly and I can see it. I am also homesick. Did I mention that? Montana is a long way away. Can't wait until school is out and she comes home for a visit.
That's about it for my end.

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