Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's a Gas

What is up with the gas prices? I about hit the roof today when gas went to $3.19 a gallon! I haven't been out of town much lately to see what is happening in nearby towns, but this is just too much. And it isn't even vacation taking time yet. Tilly and I don't vacation anymore, but even going for a "Sunday drive" is going to be nigh on to impossible. I told her tonight that we will have to limit ourselves to just doing the necessary things until prices come back down. No more shopping trips to the big outdoor mall for us. Maybe it's a good thing both of our cars are not in running order. I don't think we could afford to gas up both of them. I am seriously thinking of looking for a good used bike to get around town on. The only thing wrong with that plan is that our town is so darn hilly. Wherever you go, it's uphill one way or another!
I am basically not a political person. I don't know my candidates, but I do know that anyone who can get this mess settled in Iran/Iraq and also get the gas prices back down to a reasonable amount will get my vote. Personally, I think it's too bad that Oprah refused to run!!
I still think that this whole "gas" thing is just another ploy to make a few rich people richer at the expense of the poorer masses. Of course that's just an opinion. But soon the American people will have had enough and will take a stand. Let's just hope it isn't too long.



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