Friday, June 01, 2007

It's Summer Time and the Living Ain't Easy

Yes! It is official. School is OUT! The little beasties came back on Tuesday for a 1/2 day due to having a SNOW DAY to make up. We finished up our final exams, fed them lunch, and set them free for the next 77 days. The aides met in my room and there was much rejoicing and dancing. It's a good thing they don't allow Margaritas in the school!!
Now, I am once again driving a transit bus more or less full time. I must be nuts, but I told our manager that I would work as many hours as he wanted to give me. Wednesday I worked 6 hours, Thursday, I worked 10 hours and 56 minutes actual driving time, and today I drove for 9 hours straight. Is it any wonder why my butt is sore? I know driving sounds easy, but when you get in and out of a 14 passenger bus to help clients in and out about 35 times a day, one could say "whew." It's fun to see all the people I don't usually see and to meet some new riders, or at least new to me.
Tomorrow is Saturday, and Tilly and I are planting flower boxes and I am cutting the grass and weeding the flowerbeds. Now this is summer activity that I really enjoy. It's good to feel the earth in my fingers and even mowing, a job I usually loath, is not so bad.
I am making a life changing decision next week. It has caused some sleepless nights, but I have finally decided to sign up for my Social Security. I intend to keep on teaching, but the transit job will go, or at least will be cut way back, so I don't go over my allowed earning amount. Since I am a teaching assistant, and paid by the hour when the kids are in the building, my salary won't be a problem. I will have more time to be home, and will be able to do some of the things that need doing, and things I want to do, like working in my wood shop and maybe doing a little painting again. I haven't touched a brush to canvas for years. I will keep up the singing, though, for that is my real outlet and I love it.
So, for the next 74 days I intend to relax, enjoy being with Tilly, pet the dog, and drive the bus. When the time to resign comes, I will do it with some trepidation, but I will hold firm and get on with my life.

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