Sunday, March 09, 2008

Recording, and recording, and recording.....

Today, my mixed quartet had their first ever recording sesson. We have been asked to perform for a very large group of professional educations from all around Area 52. We have to submit a demo recording to the committee who plan this event, so today was our first attempt at making a CD.
Now, our quartet has been together for seven year. We have performed all over the northern part of our state, and are pretty well known. But, we have never recorded.
So, we gathered, and each had our own mike, like ususal. Only this time we weren't singing to an audience. The first time through, I was so loud, I drowned out the rest of the group. My mike was too hot, I held it too close to my mouth, the sound man was puzzled with the play back, so we attempted it again. This time through, the bass was too loud, and so was the alto. So, we decided to switch to different miking system. So, Wednesday night at 9:00, we are having another go at it. This was not a professional studio, but we did have professional equipment and a semi pro running it for us. We were recording in our church's multipurpose activity center. It is new, has wonder acoustics, and a great sound system. It was an interesting experience. I have a new respect for singers who spend hours recording, and now know why sometimes it takes months to get a record(CD) out of the production room.
Fortunately, our bass knows two people on the committee for this group, so I guess we're in, even if our recording isn't too wonderful. I think they just want proof that we're not some "fly-by-night group.
Between now and Wednesday, I have to learn the words and music to four songs. Guess I'd better get busy.

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Lilith said...

I would love to be able to see your group perform sometime!