Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This and That

  • For those of you who live in warmer climates....goodie for you. It's still colder than blue blazes here in Area 52.
  • My diet was going great, but my scales seem to be stuck on 212 for some reason.
  • I have my tickets purchased to head for Texas to visit my bro over spring break. I am going by Amtrak this time...not Grayhound. I think I would stay home if that was the only choice I had.
  • I still don't have all my Christmas decorations put away. They are gathered by the back door, but the weather hasn't been good enough for me to want to spend the time trapsing back and forth to the garage to put them away.
  • We only have about 12 weeks of school left.
  • One of my former students, a guy who finally quit school at 16, ended up in reform school for a while, stopped by and shoveled me out the other day.
  • My new grandbaby inutero is progressing nicely and is beginning to round out his mommie's tummy.
  • My son finally gave up his second job. He has complained about it for years. I'm proud of him.
  • Prof and Kiddo seem to be surviving out there in the middleofnowheremontana. Glad it's them and not me in those "way negative" wind chills.
  • It's been 5 months and counting since losing Tilly, and I am still surviving. Damn I miss her!

Peace and love...


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Professor said...

I miss her too.