Friday, February 15, 2008

Lists! Lists! Lists! Will they ever stop?

Here's another list. They are fun and make it easier to get to know fellow bloggers. Some of this stuff you probably already know, but you might learn one new thing about me. Here goes!

Favorite Disney Movie:the original “Parent Trap” or “Swiss Family Robinson.

”Favorite smoothie flavor:I only make my own: Mango juice, frozen mixed fruit, Exotic Fruit sangria.

Favorite work of art:Diego Valezquez’s style is fantastic. Remmington’s western paintings are wonderful. I visited an art museum in Ft. Worth that had many of his original works. They are a sight to behold.

Dream Vacation:I would like to be able to spend as much time as I wanted in Key West walking on the warm sand and watching the sunsets. Also, I want to see the upper Rockie Mts. Sometime. Maybe possible this summer. Key West is only a dream!

Favorite historical character:Robin Hood…He was my kind of guy. Robbing from the rich was wrong, but because he helped out the poor, I can forgive him for that. He got the good looking woman in the end, too.

Favorite food:Steak, sweet potatoes, Peg’s “belly stickers.”

Favorite pie:Wick's Sugar Cream Pie, or dutch apple

Favorite flower:Just plain old lilacs

Left or right?write righty, do everything else lefty.

Bottom or top?If this means sex, I’ll take either, depends on the mood. I LOVE both, if memory serves me correctly.

Biggest frustrations:Lack of money when things are tight and not being able to help my kids out when they need it the most.

Any happy moment(s):Not lately, but I did chuckle watching “Will and Grace” the other night. I love a good joke, and hearing my kids at school actually learning something is sheer joy. Oh, and you should see my daughter-in-law since she found out she is expecting. Radiant!

Do you take vitamins?Yes, when I remember to do so.

Most frustrating technical equipment:The damn remote that goes with my new vcr/dvd player. I have better luck just doing it by hand. I sometimes trip the breaker when I use my electric skillet and the microwave at the same time. Of course, there’s always this damn computer which is a POS.

Where do you put spare change?I have an antique “Whitman’s Sampler” tin that is way old, and I don’t know where it came from, about half full of pennies. The rest is spent right out of my pocket.

Favorite song right now:I still love “Just to feel your love” by Garth Brooks from the “Hope Floats” soundtrack. And probably my all time fav is “Someone to Watch Over Me.” Especially the version from “Mr. Holland’s Opus.”

Last stupid thing you did:Well, I went out for dinner with three good looking, much younger, women, two of them single, let them talk me into too much to drink, and probably said stuff that made me look like an old man trying to be young. What the “F__K” was I thinking!

Who/ What is on your wall calendar?In the laundry room I have a scenic calander from my friend Lynn’s insurance office. At school I have whatever calander Pepsi Cola gave each room.

What are you doing this weekend?Today we have no school, due to “midwinter break” so I am having lunch with my friend Cheryl. Tonight I am going out to dinner with my friends Lynn and Karen. Tomorrow I plan a trip to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Starbuck’s and a stop at either Steve and Barrys, or Old Navy (whoever has the best sales.) Sunday, I will go to church, and the rest of the day I had better do the household crap that accumulates while I am out having fun. No school on Monday either, so I forsee sleeping in and doing whatever comes along.

Most unusual gift?A hand carved diamond willow walking stick in the carving style of the Absarokee tribe. I love it and use it often during this crappy weather we have been having. This was a Christmas gift from Prof who wanted me to have something typical of Montana. Little did she know how much I would use it.

Alcoholic beverage:Like Prof, the best one is a free one, but I especially like Sam Adams Dark Lager, Coors Silver Bullet, Cutty Sark on the rocks with a lemon twist, and a good margarita on the rocks, with salted rim.

Favorite blog to read:Of course, my fav is Babble from Babbler, that goes without saying, but I like many. I miss Redneck Nerdboy and his humor. All in favor of him starting to write again, raise their hands!

Favorite article of clothing:Oh wow! Do I even have a favorite. Well, yeah, and I guess it’s a long sleeved navy blue tee shirt from WalMart. It has been worn and washed so many times that the neck band is frayed and it isn’t navy anymore but sort of a mottled blueish yuck color…but it goes good on a day off teamed with my favorite old faded baggy jeans from Dollar General. Yes, I do have nicer jeans, these are just my favorites. Isn’t that what the header said “favorite”.

Song you're listening to right now:No music on, no noise on, just the clatter of my PC keyboard and the sound of heat rushing through the furnace ducts. Maybe the fridge is running, too.

Interesting thing that happened to you today:Not a damn thing. Only been up an hour or so. Oh I did take a shower and put on clean clothes.

Speeding ticket?Never…knock on wood.

Guilty pleasure:Chocolate. I should cut back on the intake…going to be very hard, but did you know chocolate has masses of caffeine? I did, but I didn’t care.

What's one thing you wish you could do (talent/ hobby) that you can't?Play a sport. I have always been so very non-jock. I always envied my brother the classic “could play every sport, and did” athlete. I can play pool fairly well, or used to be able to.

Last movie watched in a theater:Charlie Wilson's War or National Treasure 2... Prof and I saw these at Christmas but I cannot remember the order we watched...

Last email received:From my cousin Rita who works for the FBI.

Last kiss:It involved 5 Hershey thingys given to me by my boss, Bev, at transit.

Who did you see in concert last:Way,way back, Tilly and I went to see the “Oakridge Boys.”

Favorite Color:RED

Cell phone:Yes- a trackphone, which reminds me, I am about out of minutes. Gotta stop at Walgreen’s and buy a 60 minute card.

Coffee:HELL YES! I have switched to DeCaf after the first cup of regular, but I still love the taste. I am searching for the perfect DeCaf beans to use in my grinder. This doesn’t mean that I am going to order DeCaf when I go to Starbucks. None of that “sissy” shit there. I want the real thing.

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Professor said...

Good answers dad! (And My hand is raised for Redneck to come back from the blog graveyard!)