Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a Quick Ramdon Thought!

Ya know, you know you are getting up there when your "favorites" list contains the web sites to both local funeral homes. And you check them regularly. OMG! I've got to get out more!

And are you all as tired of Hilary and Obama as I am? Good grief, Charlie Brown. Enough is enough!


Professor said...

Um dad- stop looking at the obits. Please! The obits don't matter until you appear in them!

Clyde said...

get used (there's a phrase you haven't heard in a while)to it. We still have all of spring, summer and fall to go B/4 we get to bitch about who wins. Whatever happens, there will be 2 senators out of work, and that may be a good thing.


Jimmie Earl said...

Hey Prof: I don't take a newspaper! Don't wanna miss it when you know who goes to meet her maker!

Clyde: Gotta point there. I just don't think either of them are what this country needs and I am sick and tired of their mudslinging. Oh well, such is the political arena. And I can bitch all I want. It's my blog!!HA!

Boidy said...

Hello Jimmie Earl - I think it might make you giggle to know that 1) here in Canada most of our television is American cable networks...and
2) oh YEAH I am tired of Clinton and Obama! LOL!