Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Blues or Blahs

God, it's cold. It has snowed off and on all the live long day. A while ago I looked out across the parking lot and it was snowing to beat the band. Now, the evening sun is out, and the snowfall looks all shades of blue. And everything looks so clean and pristine. But, it's still cold. I used to love winter, but I have come to loathe it now. I can't seem to get warm and stay warm. The only time I am truly warm is under my electric blanket turned up on 4 or 5. I get home from work, fix myself some supper and I just don't want to get back out and do anything else.
I am so looking forward to spring. I have a kazillion things I want to do outside. I am going to tear out some bushes, cut down two trees and strip the lattice off my porch. I want new flowers, and am going to move some of my perinnials into different locations. I plan all of this, but probably won't do it all. I do this every year when I get blue and the winter doldrums set in.
My students are tired of winter. They're tired of being cooped up inside and want for warmer weather, too. I think all of our minds are effected by the weather. The people I teach with are tired of the snow, slush, and cold, too.
As the days lengthen, I am encouraged that winter can't last much longer, and that spring has to be just around the corner. I am ready. I even heard the song of a cardinal the other day. I couldn't spot him, but I could hear him. I am hopeful. 2008 has to be a good year.

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Lilith said...

i hear ya about this weather. I think the reason we've had so much rain and snow is cause it was so dry this past summer. We have to replenish the water tables, but I think they've had enough to drink. I want warm weather and no more snow!