Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cricut mania strikes again

Last night I got a call from Curley. Actually, she called before I got home and talked to my grandson Kiddo, and left a message. She told me she had something for me for my birthday. That celebrated occasion isn't for two months yet, but she couldn't wait to give it to me. So I skipped choir practice and went out to her house. I took my Cricut and the equipment with me so she could see it. She had gotten me a new cartridge for the machine. A Christmas one. She knew I wanted it and that I make my own Christmas cards, so she came through with it for me. Of course we had to try it out and cut several different things. It was fun. What made it doubly fun was the fact that Curley's oldest son, Tallguy, came and sat with us at the table. His "two-cents-worth" comments were hysterical. We laughed a lot and had a great time. This was so thoughtful of Curley. She is a great friend. Now, what will get her for her birthday which is coming up here before very long? She doesn't have a Cricut. YET! But I am betting she gets one before long!


Curley said...

You don't have to get me anything for my birthday. Had so much fun with the Cricut. Maybe I should tell hubby that I want one for my birthday. Don't think I could wait for Christmas. Tallguy loves his new name.

Lilith said...

I just saw a infomercial this morning for the cricut expression, what's the difference between that and the one you have?

Jimmie Earl said...

Lilith: The difference is that "Expressions" can do so many different things and it also can cut a full size (12x12) piece of paper instead of 6x12 like mine does. Otherwise, they work the same and use the same cartridges. I am going to have the big one someday if I can save enough cash to get one. They are so expensive! I got mine on amazon for a good price.