Monday, March 29, 2010

The Times: They Are A-changing

Whoooppee!! I have finally made the decision to retire. I have had enough! Each year at the school, discipline gets tougher, the kids are rowdier, and less respectful. I actually felt nauseous this morning just thinking about going to school this AM. I take this as a sign that maybe, just maybe it's time for me to pack it in.
I have tried very hard to get my finances in order since I have become a widower, and have succeeded pretty well. I won't have a cent extra to blow, but if I am careful, I should be able to make it. I inquired with the school about insurance, and they informed me that even if I stay employed there next year, since I will be 65, and qualify for SS, they won't insure me any longer. I have been there for 9 years and in order to be paid for my accrued sick days, of which I have 19, I have to be there for 10 years. That sucks, but is it really worth spending another year of my life at school for $570.00? I think not. I tried to talk them into paying me for them anyway, but that is school policy, so no-go.
I am comfortable with this decision, even though it is a bit scary. I do look forward to being able to do some of the things that I haven't done because of time, and to working in my yard, and getting my house in order. I plan to do some short-term traveling and spending time with my kids and grands. That's what life is all about. I plan on singing my heart out in my quartet and just taking life easy. I began working away from home at age 15. That is 50 years ago. I think I deserve to retire.
Wish me luck!


Maggie said...

You do deserve it! Because you're awesome!

And because you are so awesome, I gave you 2 awards (on blog post on 3/29) so feel free to stop by and pick them up!

Lilith said...

You most absolutely deserve to retire! I totally agree about students becoming more and more of a pain in the ass!

Enjoy your retirement!

Curley said...

You are going to love being retired. I haven't heard one bad thing from anyone that has retired. Just think of all the time you can spend making cards and "puttering" in your garden.