Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuff and Such

What a weekend this was. Our county hospital put on their annual fund-raising Gala on Saturday night. They had a talent competition for entertainment. There were four different acts scattered throughout the evening. Votes were $1.00 each. There were other ways of voting, too. There were pre-voting jars scattered around the community for each act, and also there were $5.00 and $10.00 voting "chips" at the gala. I was in one of the acts. My men's quartet, The GBQ, was joined by two Dr.s and an LPN from the hospital. We performed a comedy parody of Neil Sedaka's song, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, called "Waking Up Is Hard To Do." We dressed in scrubs, and used gurneys from the surgical dept, and went all out. We really sounded good and guess what...we WON! I don't know the total dollar amount, but it was the winner. It was fun, too. We spent many hours practicing and working out the choreography and etc. It was worth every minute for the fun we all had, and getting to know the two docs and the nurse was a hoot. They ARE human, just like the rest of us!!! One of the docs can't carry a tune in a bushel basket, so we assigned him a "dead" microphone. He thought that was a hoot. But he sure could act and dance. He really made the act, in my opinion! The gala itself was quite an affair with a live auction of several nice things, and then a silent auction that went on all evening in another room. The goal this year was to raise enough money to buy a super type of scope for the early detection of colon cancer. I certainly hope they got the funds they need. That type of cancer is on the rise in America.
The affair was "black tie optional." I wore my tux with a black shirt, black tie and a black vest with some silver stripes. I will post a picture when it comes available. Right!! The food was wonderful and I sat at a table with several good friends. A nice evening all in all...and WE WON!!
Yesterday, GBQ sang at a memorial service. It was sponsored by one of our local funeral homes and they honored all the families that have used their services for the loss of a loved one the past year. They do this every year. It is a nice gesture by them and much appreciated by the honorees. After the service, they serve light refreshments and they also give each family a beautiful Christmas ornament inscribed with the name of their loved one. GBQ sang an arrangement of "It is Well With my Soul." and closed the service with Mallott's "The Lord's Prayer."
Then, my good friend Curley and I went to WalMart shopping and had a few laughs. (No, not at other people, but that's hard sometimes!)
Today, I am taking it easy. With the rehearsals, and performances, plus church choir, I am tired. These old bones and body don't take that much exercise as easy as they used to. I decided to do my laundry and can relax between loads. It's raining outside, so the leaves and stuff will have to wait a few more days.
Let's see...what's on my schedule for this week...


*Note: The purple ribbon on my lapel is in honor of two very sweet little old ladies that made a definite impression on my life, and now suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. It seemed like a good night to remember them.


Terry said...

Wow, you won - good job!! Was your group's performance captured on video - if so, I'll be looking for it on youtube.


Curley said...

GBQ was wonderful at the memorial service. And you sang my favorite song, "All is well with my soul". Everytime I hear your group sing it, it gets better. It was good to see you today, hope it helped.

Mellodee said...

Congratulations Jimmy!! That is just spectacular! Nothing is quite as much fun as singing! And winning on top of it is truly the icing on the cake!

And, may I say, you do look pretty spiffy in your tux with the purple flare!

Jimmie Earl said...

Note to all: The purple ribbon on my lapel is in honor of two dear sweet older ladies who have made an impression on my life, and now suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. It just seemed like a good night to remember them.