Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being a Kid Again...for a few minutes!

Last evening we had a thunderstorm. It came with wind and horizontal rain. It was fierce for a few minutes. But those few minutes did a lot of damage. There are limbs down all over town, and out in the country it's worse. Of course, it's more open and the wind had a chance to really blow. After the worst part was over and it was just showering, I took off my glasses, and went out into the rain. I stood and just let it rain on me, then the kid in me took over and I kicked off my flip-flops and went stomping in the puddles in my driveway. I splashed, and laughed. My neighbors who were peeking out their windows, maybe at me, maybe at the rain, probably thought I had lost my mind, but just for a few minutes, I was transported back to my childhood when Mom used to walk my brother and I outside and watch a storm moving in, explaining that storms were nothing to be afraid of. Then, after the rain we would go out and run around in the wet grass and stomp and splash in every puddle we could find.
Just for a few minutes yesterday evening, I was a kid again. Maybe the next time my neighbors will join me in the fun!



Schez said...

Hi Jimmie;

I was given a blog award by a fellow blogger called the "Liebster Blog" award... and it also calls that I tag 11 other blogs to pass the award on... Naturally I thought of your blog. It makes me smile, especially this most recent post. We are in such a rush to grow up that it's nice to give in to the inner child once in awile! This is the link to my post: :all you have to do is answer my 11 Q's and pass on the award to other blogs of your choice. Absolutely no pressure to join in, I just wanted to award your blog anyways.
I really enjoy the blog, keep it going! P.S. How did the visit go?!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, good for you and we should never outgrow the kid in us. We also had some rain, but it was after midnight and too late to go out and stomp around.

Mellodee said...

Anything that brings back the feelings of joy we used to have as a kid is a GOOD thing! I'll bet it was just as much fun as it used to be!

Anvilcloud said...

Good for you! Maybe the neighbours will get inspired. Heck, maybe I will too.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey Jimmie, just stopped in and WOW that's some "new" look and purple is my favorite color. Haven't heard from you or seen a blog post in awhile and sure hope all is OK.

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh I remember playing in the rain too...we played under the rain spouts...the amusement parks make all kinds of $ now on that same theme..people pay to get buckets of water dumped on their heads!