Friday, June 08, 2012

Missing it!

I never thought I would say it, but I miss working with the kids. Retired now for two complete school years, I think I miss the interaction with the teenagers. My special-ed students were a handful at times, yet they were a delight most of the time. Most were eager to learn, and were at least willing to try. Some really struggled, and when, all of a sudden, the "got" it, it was like seeing a beautiful sunrise.
I see kids walking by with their backpacks, and think that they must need extra help and are attending summer school to get it. It makes for a shorter vacation for them, but just might be the "shot in the arm" they need to stay at grade level.
I have decided that next year, I am going to either put my name on the substitute teacher's list for Middle School special ed, or volunteer my time a few hours a week and go into the school to help out with those students who need help with reading or grammar. Substituting is a paid position, but also takes a whole day. Maybe I don't want that much obligation , and besides, subbing is really just "babysitting" for teens, and sometimes can reek with discipline problems. Whereas, volunteering is not. There is also a place where students can go for free tutoring. That, too, might be a good place to volunteer.

I also might take a job a couple days a week at a new Hobby Lobby that is being built in the town just south of me. It would earn me a little extra cash, but more importantly, would earn me an employee discount supporting my crafting habit.

These are the things rumbling around up there as summer vacation starts. We'll see it goes as time marches on.



Mellodee said...

Volunteering seems to be the way to go. Substitute teachers are universally disliked by every kid in the world!! Working with kids who actually want your help seems a much better option. Also the lighter demand on your time would be a plus!

Curley said...

Oh, I hate it when I have typed a comment and do everything to publish it and a window pops up wanting me to register my cell phone. As you know I don't have one. Well when you try to just save the setting you already have, it tells you there is an error and you have lost the comment you already typed. Anyway, I said that I thought those were all good ideas to think about.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Either option, or maybe a little of both - volunteering and working part-time sound like good ideas, Jimmie.

Anvilcloud said...

I sometimes say that I miss teaching but not the job of teaching. Having been a teacher, you can probably understand the distinction that I make.

Jimmie Earl said...

Mellodee: I agree that subs are not popular. I even remember giving subs a hard time way back when!
Curley: Next time that happens, hit the "back one page arrow" and see if it lets you post.
BPB: I think the vol. sounds more up my alley right now.
AnvilC: I hear ya. Agree most heartily! No papers to grade or lesson plans ever again!