Saturday, August 04, 2012

All the "X's" Should Be In Texas

Or any place else but around here. Both of my kids were married before. Lil Bro even refers to his brief first marriage as his "unfortunate incarceration." Our family is still haunted by this woman, who has been married at least twice since.(Divorce final in 2000) Finance companies call us looking for her every now and then. It seems she used my address and phone number when she got a loan. (She never lived her, no did she ever even stay all night here. Ever!) The last one who called got an ear full. I told them that she was married briefly (5 months total) to our son, never lived here, and that she was married to at least 2 other suckers since. I told them that if they ever found her, to just shoot her and the world would be better off!! Maybe I should have just suggested that they ship her to Iraq!
Then, there's Prof''s X. He was seemingly a nice guy for a while. Especially during the 4 years they dated. But alas, he turned "bummish." He is not parent material, has always tried to ignore his responsibility to his son (my grandson, Kiddo) and has just recently shown his true colors which aren't even on the color spectrum they are so low.
So, why doesn't the country just designate an area in some land way far away for these miscreants so we don't have to deal with them. (Preferably not Texas; I have relatives and friends there). Bums, abusers, and gold diggers, along with other bothersome X's would be sent there for just existing in a world and taking up precious oxygen that the rest of us could be using!!!
This is a needless rant, I realize, but I needed to vent!




Curley said...

A deserted island sounds good. Did they ever find out where Gilligan's Island was?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey Jimmie, ranting is always allowed and a good thing especially when it makes you feel better afterwards, AND you haven't harmed anyone in the process. My "X" managed to kill himself in a work-related accident (another man also died) several years after we split up (he cheated). I never wished "revenge" even after he left, just figured i'd get on with my own life, which has turned out very well. Living well IS the best "revenge."

Annmarie Pipa said...

we all know them...