Monday, January 07, 2013

Four-Legged Visitor

As you probably know if you read my daughter's blog, she and her friend adopted a retired Greyhound.  She brought "Giles" home to visit this week.  I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but this dog is BIG.  He comes almost to my waist to the top of his back, and is LONG!  Of course, he pretty long legged, too.  Lean, and all muscle!  And extremely spoiled already.

Greyhounds that have been racers, are not "people" dogs.  They are raised in "posh" kennels, travel in "posh" accommodations, and so forth.  Giles was a racer.  A successful one, at that.  During his racing career, he was a winner several times, and won "place" or "show" even more.  Then, during a race, he broke both back feet (paws).  That ended his career.  Instead of putting him down, as they often do, he was treated, and put in foster care with the GPA chapter in Indianapolis, and has since become a real "loverboy".  The rest is history.  LOL!

Having Giles here for the last few hours has made me reconsider getting a dog.  I know now that I don't want one full time. To have him visit is a treat for me and hopefully him, too.  But, it's too much responsibility for me on a full time basis.  And, I was thinking either Lab or Golden, but have also decided that my house is simply too small for a LARGE dog. 

So, Giles can come visit me on a very temp basis, and I will enjoy the time he is here.  But, he answered one big question for me.  I guess, at heart, I am just not a pet person.



Georgia Stromer said...

Giles is one of the lucky ones! You may be professing you are not a pet person but I have this feeling Giles is leaving paw prints on your heart!

Mellodee said...

We had dogs for years and years (sometimes even more than one at a time.) When the last one died 2 1/2 years ago (or so), I said no more! Sometimes I miss having one, but mostly I don't. Our daughter and family got a little-ish white dog and now she comes to visit when they do. It is perfect, a little cuddling, a little playing, and she goes home! She isn't a dog we would want forever, but it's fun to have her come over every now and then.

Annmarie Pipa said...

our dog right now is the most work in our whole family! he is a spoiled pest!! but I think it is worth it...he comes and lays at my feet when I am on the computer and then follows me everywhere I go hoping I am going to cook something and give him a taste...guess I have gotten used to him now and just like him back.
maybe your would like a cat?...less needy and still company...

Jimmie Earl said...

Annmarie Pipa: I absolutely HATE cats! So that would not be a good fit at all. My neighbors across the street have 5 cats. They let them out in the morning and in at night. Soooo, they spend the day on MY front porch, poop in my flower garden and then go home to eat. There are no city ordinances against cats, but dog owners are required to either fence their yards, or leash their dogs. NOT FAIR! It's a real sore spot with me.