Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Texas! Another Cold State

When I planned this outing, I was thinking of warmer climate.  NOT!  I have been here for 4 days now,  and the temperature hasn't gotten above freezing yet.  It has snowed, sleeted, and rained.  But, the weatherman is promising a respite this weekend with temps in the 60s before another cold wave brings more cold into the metroplex area.
But, inside it's warm and cozy and full of fun.  It's good to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law.  We laugh at almost nothing, eat a lot of good, but healthy food, and just more or less enjoy being together.  I sleep until I am ready  to get up and I stay up until I am ready to go to bed.  We watch a lot of TV, which I am not used to, but my brother is a TV addict!  Loves the Western channel, but I can only watch Bonanza and Gunsmoke reruns so many times!  I have finished one book and am half way through another one, and have even completed a crochet project and started another since I got here.  But I wouldn't trade this time together for anything.  At our ages, we know that each moment together is precious.  We do plan to do some things like visit a couple museums, and see a movie or two, and of course hit some of my favorite shops that are unique to just this area.  We also visit the nearby bakery with frequency where I have made friends with the wait help there over the years.  I even made each of the girls that work there a little something as a token for them just being nice to me when I am visiting here.  They treat our family like their family.  Is that something unique to Texans, or is it just that I don't have that kind of place nearby where I live.
All too soon, it will be time to pack up and head home, but while I am here, I intend to have a Texas style good time, what ever that is!!



Mellodee said...

The trick to getting good weather in Texas is to come between March and May! Usually not too cold, not too hot, it's just right! Of course, at that time of year, you might encounter a tornado or two..... :)

Curley said...

Well, you're not there for wheather. You're there for the visit with family. It isn't any worse that what we have here, but at least there you have someone to spend the days with. Have a good time. Can't wait to see you again though.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad you having such a great time and spending time with family is the best. Not sure if you know that some of the post was a bit hard to read because of the graphic, JE.

Curley said...

Beatrice, If you would have scrolled up the text would have moved up but not the background and then it would have be easy to read. I love the backgroud graphic. It really suits JE.