Monday, September 30, 2013

Brotherly Love

I have one sibling.  A brother who is 2+ years older than I.  He lives in Texas, where it is HOT most of the time.  I just got back from a two week visit with him.  We had a ball.  We ate a lot, drank a lot of beer and wine,  went to see the Texas Rangers get beat (damn!) and took in the Dallas Museum of Art.  Plus spent a lot of time catching up on old stuff, and generally having a good time.  I ate well, rested well and was treated like royalty.  My sis-in-law is a sure-fire excellent cook, and "boy howdy" did we eat well, and healthy.
All too soon it was time to head back to Indiana, but knowing that I will go back sometime during the winter made the leaving a touch easier.
I have always wondered how the gene pool works when it comes to passing out looks in the same family.  Though my brother is, like I mentioned earlier, somewhat older than I, well, you all be the judge of whom looks like the younger brother.  So unfair!!!

The top pic was take approximately 68 years ago when I was about 6-7 months, and Bro was well over 2.
The bottom pic was take last weekend.  Me on left, Bro on right.  Like I said, the gene pool sometimes is so unfair!  LOL!  But I love him anyway.



Curley said...

If you are talking about you looking older than he does, I don't see it. If anything I think you both look about the same age. I sure see the family resemblence. Two handsome dudes!

Anvilcloud said...

Gray beards are so distinguished looking. Mine is still more dark than white, and I don't think it's as good a look.