Friday, October 18, 2013

From The Hook

No, this blog today is not about fishing, or sheep herding.  I just want to share what I have recently made with my trusty crochet hook.  I am not much of  a TV watcher, so besides reading, I crochet.  Since the weather is turning cooler (or down right cold) I have been spending more time inside with my books and hooks.
Here's just a sample of what I have accomplished so far this fall.
This is just one project.  I have made some more of these wraps, but this is the latest. I was asked to make this one for a Christmas gift.  I will be paid (not-so-handsomely) for making it.  The buyer bought the yarn.  I usually just crochet and give away, so being paid is a treat.  She ordered two, the other one is in-progress.  I have to have it done before Thanksgiving Day.  Ah, plenty of time!

I started a blog where I displayed my wares, but no one ever hit it, so I will show some here from time if that's okay with all of you (few) readers!  Or even if it's not!  Ha!

With the coming of the holiday season(s), I will be making more stuff, carding and cooking.  I think that's what I like the most of all, besides, of course, the real reasons that we celebrate.



Curley said...

I still think this one is very beautiful. Love the color. of course, I think they are all beautiful. You do very good work.

Terry said...

Nice work, JE.

Anvilcloud said...

I am sooo impressed.