Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dental Visits ... Bah!

Wednesday last, I made a trek to my local dentist.  Dr. John is one kind, gentle man, and his assistant, Kelli, is wonderful.  But, the general feeling that comes with going to the dentist anytime is PANIC.  And, added to all that is the fact that I had an upper back molar that was inpacting with the tooth ahead of it and was 3/4 filling.  It had been giving me trouble for a few weeks, and the off and on pain became more that off and on...mostly ON!
Extraction is a horrible word that conjures up even more horrible "daymares."  But extract Dr. John did.  Now I am left with a big hole in the upper right quadrant of my mouth.  I didn't know that compressions with tea bags wrapped in gauze helped control bleeding either. But they do.  My jaw is sore, and tender, and occasionally bleeds, but is much better.  I know that by this time next week, most of the discomfort will be gone and my dental visit will be just another "painful" memory.  I do marvel at how far dentistry has come in my lifetime.  It's amazing.


Curley said...

Thank God for Novacaine. Can you imagine what it used to be like before that? Glad you are starting to feel more normal.

A Reader's Life said...

I have to close my eyes when the commercial for a local dentist comes on TV. Scary!

Anvilcloud said...

An extraction for an older person must be difficult. And the older I get, the more uncomfortable the chair is. I also tend to gag at how much they force my mouth open with various contraptions.