Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autnmnal Indiana

Yesterday I took my Canon Rebel (which is new to me and I am certainly a novice in photography) out to our local state park.  There is a reservoir there, which is a result of damming up the Salamonie River.  I took some pictures from the top of the dam, then ventured into Salamonie State Park and shot a few.  I thought there would be more color, especially the reds, but there was still more green that I thought there would be this far into October.
This is taken from atop of the dam, right above the place where the water flows from the dam into the river. Notice how muddy the water seems to be.
Another shot from atop the dam.  There's a small park down there with picnic tables and a playground.
Here is one taken back in the Salamonie Forest State Park.  This is just one of the many trails one can walk and enjoy the scenery.

A random shot in the forest.
A bit of colorful maples.

After leaving the forest, I drove east on US 24.  This color caught my eye.  I pulled over and snapped this shot.

The sky so so blue, yet the clouds scurrying by made the photo lighting difficult sometimes.

I like the contrast of the trees, color and the just-harvested bean field in the foreground.
I am still learning, but I won't if I sit at home with the camera in its bag and don't try.  I ventured out later at dusk to get some shots of the full harvest moon.  I got the tripod all set up and camera installed, but I could not get it to do what I thought the manual said for me to do.  More practice needed!



Anvilcloud said...

It's nice to see autumn photos from elsewhere. If you use a tripod, turn off any image stabilization switch on your lens. When that's on, your lens keeps trying to stabilize things when there's no need and that leads to poor results. The trouble is that I often forget to do this and when I do remember I often forget to reset the switch afterward.

Curley said...

Very nice photos. Might try some zoom. Good start. I agree about there not being much color yet. I need to take a pic of the red tree in my backyard.

Curley said...

Forgot. Can't wait to see more!

Terry said...

Very nice, JE. The photos look like pages in a magazine. Fall with its colors is my favorite time of year.