Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Turning the Page

Yesterday I turned another page in the book of life.  I turned a ripe old (grrr) 69.  It was an interesting day, but a good one.  I had a quick visit from my daughter in the morning. She was in town on business and stopped en route.  Then, my quartet sang at a church member's funeral.  It wasn't the most pleasant way to spend time on my birthday, but when the deceased, who was a cancer patient, planned his service, he didn't know it was going to be on my birthday.  Some things just happen that way.(While I was at the church, I stopped in the preschool classroom just to see what was going on, and 20+ smiling 4year olds sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  How grand was that?)
In the afternoon, I went to my craft group at the local senior center.  There, my good friend, Curley, who is in charge of the group, provided home made cupcakes with butter creme frosting, for all of us.  Delicious!  We had a lot of laughs, even if our projects went more or less untouched.  One of the gals in our group brought an electric yarn winder and she and I played with that gadget for about an hour!  Fun! (I want one)
Later, I treated myself to Asian cousine at a local place, with some friends.  I also rec'd many phone calls, a card, and lots of well wishes on my facebook page.  All in all, I decided that turning 69 wasn't so bad after all.


Curley said...

Sounds like a pretty full day. Love the part about the kids singing to you. That was awesome.

Marcia said...

Happy birthday,Jimmie! We appreciate you and your cheerful nature.
You are one year younger than I. I briefly considered staying 69, but decided not to. As it is, I'm 31 years older than my mother, who's been 39 for the last 56 years. (Really she's 95, but we won't remind her.) I just might be my own grandma.

Anvilcloud said...

Well, Happy Belated, Jimmie. And many more.