Thursday, May 01, 2014

Trying Something New

Today I actually tried something new.  As most of you know, I love to craft.  I always have.  I have never sold a piece of my work. I usually make things for others or for myself.  But, today that changed.
Our town is the county seat of our county.  They have a visitor's center for people coming into town.  The visitor's center has a gift shop.  Need I say more?  I now have some of my "stuff" for sale on consignment at their gift shop.  I know I will not get "rich" putting things there.  But the main reason for me doing it is self satisfaction and knowing that what I do is being enjoyed by someone.  I am not pricing my things high.  I want them to sell and I want people to enjoy them.  That, to me, is what my artistic ability is all about.  I will still create things to gift to people, for that brings me the greatest joy, and  putting a little of myself out there in the public, might bring joy to someone I don't know.  How wonderful is that???



Marcia said...

We people with three thumbs on each hand applaud you. I love crafts, but don't have the gift, so I'm up for any sale.
Good luck in your new venture!

Curley said...

I think that is extremely wonderful. I think your work is beautiful and I am sure that it will sell quickly.

JInksy said...

I think it's fantastic. I wish I could find a similar route for some of my 'stuff', without having to become a commercial, one-woman-factory-outlet.

Anvilcloud said...

It's wonderful indeed. I hope others get to enjoy your creations.