Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On The (Right) Track

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It was time to get back on the walking track.  (See entry of March 31!)  I got up early, even if it was 01:25 AM when I went to bed.  I got dressed and went to the "Y" and walked my mile on the track.  I will have to work into the "work out" equipment again, but I did walk.  I think it's the first time since winter set in after the New Year that I have been there.  I am so out of shape, once again (unless "round" is a shape.)
I am tired, and my joints feel the stress, but I have to admit I do feel better.  Maybe it's because I actually accomplished something besides sitting in my chair and drinking coffee!  (I did stop at the local coffee shoppe on my way home...and the library.)



Anvilcloud said...

I know. I can't develop any sort of consistency these days -- even with a few mild stretches. Sheesh!

Jinksy said...

Hi, Jim - found my way here from AC's blog and that wonderful red shawl! Looks like it's crochet lace, not knit? Whatever - its lovely. :-)

Curley said...

Woo-hoo for you. Proud of you.

Jinksy said...

Thanks for dropping by Napple Notes for a chat on the finer points of crochet. Hehehe! I jest!
But I was sorry to see you hadn't enabled your email to show, for I could have answered at once via my mail inbox. That 'noreply-comment' that Blogger sends is such a pain, for it slows down the communication factor, no end.
Although it's the first of May here, there will be no dancing round the May Pole as they day is set fair to be a damp one - if you get my meaning with that mixed metephore-cum-simile. :-)

P.S. there is something very strange with this comment box- it only works if I use the 'Name/URL' button, not the 'Jinksy (Google Account', for that one sends a'non-delivery of mail' message to my inbox. Very strange...

Jimmie Earl said...

Jinksy: I know about the comment box, and have tried to fix it. Short of starting a new blog with a different account, I can't seem to get it fixed. Even with AC's splendid assistance, it still doesn't work. It actually says that someone else is signed in on my account. NOT!!!
Keep on reading, tho. Maybe some good tech fairy will get it fixed!