Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm Not Complaining, But It's Hot!

After the winter we had, I swore I would not complain about the heat of summer.  So, I am not complaining, but it is hot out there.  I usually use 80-84 degrees F as my guide to turning on the air conditioning.  I don't particularly like A C (not my blogging pal, he's a good guy!) but it seems to be a necessary thing this time of year.  Especially as one ages.  I don't do the heat too well any more.  Especially if it is humid, too.  Anyone who has ever been in Indiana in the summer knows that until the heat of August arrives, we usually have high humidity.  That takes a toll on my breathing when outside. 
Today, it's 88 degrees here with high humidity.  The wind in blowing, but that doesn't seem to be helping.  I went out to do some errands earlier and was riding with my windows down and could feel the "wet" inside my car as I rode along.  I wasn't going far, so I just put up with it.  By the time I got home, I not only felt like I was breathing wet air, I needed a shower...again!
But weighing the summer against the "being cooped up in the house all winter because of several feet of snow feeling," I will still take the summer.  At least, I can get out of my garage, I don't have to wear a coat, I can go in as few clothes as decency allows, and wear my flip flops.  I can stay in when it's the hottest part of the day, and still enjoy my screened porch in the mornings and evenings. 
Yes, I will take summer.  And speaking of summer, I think a few hours at a nearby beach might be in order one day this week.  When I get too warm, a quick dip will cool me off.  Hmmmm, sounds like a wonderful idea!



Curley said...

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. You get cooled off and don't have to raise your water and sewage bill to do it. Win-win.

Anvilcloud said...

I'm a bit surprised by this. It's been on the cool side here and lots of rain too.