Friday, June 27, 2014

Rocks, Plants and My Gazing Ball

This is the prettiest this corner has ever looked.  My hostas are bigger this year, which makes the perfect setting for my bright red gazing ball and the addition of my attempt at rock stacking.  The Inukshuk is in honor of my blogging friend AC and his lovely wife Cuppa.  They are from Canada, and AC recently posted pictures of different inukshuks, so I decided to stack one in their honor.  Sorry, AC, but no Canadian flag!

When I say this is the prettiest corner, I am not kidding.  I have not planted flower number 1 this year.  I was gone to TX during the best planting season, and to plant now would be fighting the hot summer sun, which I have found, cooks some plants.  I do want to get something white to put in a bright red pot I found at Big Lots and have sitting right outside my entry door, full of dirt, just waiting.  Otherwise, no more plants.  The perennials that my late wife planted years ago are blooming out front.  I have Russian sage, and something that is yellow, a moonbeam something, and red rosebushes, so I have the primary colors out there, plus some green ground cover and of course some weeds for good measure.

That's it for the garden this year.



Curley said...

Looks really nice. Also love the new blog background.

Terry said...

Looking good!

Anvilcloud said...

By the power vested in me by me, I grant you honourary Canadian citizenship. Do you see how you must now spell words like honour?