Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting my work done, finally!

Fellow blog readers, I have been remiss in posting lately, I know, but I am getting the kitchen ready for the new ceilings which I have waited on since April of 2013.  After 3 contractors who never showed up, two who gave me promise dates and good quotes, I have found a guy eager to do my work.  He came highly recommended by a couple who just had him remodel a house top to bottom, inside and out.  They weren't living there, so it didn't matter to them that he worked only on evenings and weekends.  He also works in a metals processing factory during the day. He is hoping to get his contracting business off the ground so he can give up that job, but it's slow going getting a small business built up.
Anyway, he's doing my outdoor work, some new gutters and soffits which came down in the same storm that did the leak damage to my kitchen ceiling, beginning tomorrow evening, then he will do the kitchen dry wall ceiling.  Then new lighting in there.  Then comes the fun part for me.  I will be doing some redecorating; wall paper (yes, I am one of the few who still likes wallpaper) which my late wife picked out long ago and has been on a closet shelf, some decorative mouldings,  new curtains, and lastly, if money holds out, new floor covering.  The area I am doing the redo in is my dining area, which is at the end of the kitchen.  All the kitchen needs is paint on the walls and ceiling and new lighting.  I will take some before, in progress, and after shots so you can see what I have done.  I have the walls denuded, all the "decorator stuff" down, and counters cleared, except for my toaster and coffee pot.  I will move them to the screened porch tomorrow where I can get to them easily.  This will be a work in progress when I take over the redo, but the contractor work should be completed in a week.  Yay!



Anvilcloud said...

Good luck with the reno.

Curley said...

Can't wait to see it. Glad it finally happening.