Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What a "Crap" Week

This week has been total "crap." I haven't blogged recently due to the fact that I haven't had much of interest going on.
Two weeks ago I had dental surgery. Big woo! I had two teeth extracted by surgery. It hurt like hell for a couple of days, but the la la drugs the surgeon gave me helped with that. As a matter of fact, they helped me so well, I missed an extra day of school. Now I am waiting for the holes to heal, then I have to have a partial plate made with some false teeth. This will go well with the hearing aid and glasses I already wear. Growing old isn't for the weak, let me tell you.
At school, we are taking the tests required by the state here in Area 52. I helped administer these tests to my merry band of sixth graders who already struggle with learning. That's why I am there. Anyway, some of them really tried, but some didn't give a shit, refused to listen to our instructions, or even try to work through to get the correct answers. Thus making the lead teacher's job as well as mine doubly hard. It is now when I would like to call the head honcho of our state's board of education into the classroom and let her figure out how the hell we are to get our test scores up when we have students who simply aren't capable of doing the work required. No wonder Area 52's test scores are in the commode! I am still wondering how these 6th graders got to 6th grade and can't read other than simple words, and do not know their multiplication tables. Come on!
While I am bitching, my arthritis in my right hip is really hurting. The weather here is cold and damp and that aggravates it even worse. I am developing it in my feet now. Toes and ankles hurt all the time. I drive a county transit bus in the afternoons daily after school, and I had to ask my manager for a bus with automatic doors so I don't have to climb in and out all the time. That's another bummer.
My church has been under renovations for several months. The building has been such a mess that we have been meeting in the auditorium of the school where I spend 5 days a week already. I haven't been going! That's so not like me. But my heart just isn't in it. Our new building is about ready, and the building committee keeps dangling the carrot, but delaying opening up our new facility. They want everyone to be WOWed on the first Sunday in our new building, so they think everything has to be perfect. My church choir, which is where most of my "church energy and love" is, has yet to begin their fall practicing due to lack of space to practice. So I don't have that to look forward to. The quartets I sing in have been practicing sporadically, and I miss that, too.
On top of that, my garage is a mess, and I can't get my car in. I need to spend a day finding a place for the stuff Professor didn't take with her to MT, put away my junk that I have just set any old place all summer long, and get it cleaned out and tidied. But after working until about 7 every evening, I am not in the mood to clean the damn garage.
Speaking of Professor, next Tuesday the 26th is her BD. It will be the first one we have not celebrated with her in person. I UPSed her gifts to her today. Lots of stuff I would like to share with her but can't, and dammit, I am just homesick. She has been such a dynamic part of our lives for so long, and I miss her terribly.
So, now that I have griped, bitched and complained for several paragraphs, I will bid you all adieu. Tomorrow is another day and is bound to be better.

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