Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back Home Again in Area 52

It's great to have Professy home! Of course it would have been greater if Tilly was over bronchitis, and then the real pits is, I got the flu. For 24 hours I honestly thought I would die. And, I didn't care. In the middle of last night, I knew I was going to recover...I woke up craving a tangarine. The first inclination that the worst was over. Today, I have showered and ate that tangarine and now am exhausted. But there is promise in the air.
Prof and I have had some good visits, but the only thing wrong with them is that they all lead back to our jobs...teaching! Can we never get away from it? LOL!
While she is home, I still want to take that long walk, go for a dad and daughter coffee break, and play some "out for blood" games. We still have another week! Boy a lot to cram in to 7 days. But we will doit. Pray that we all stay well!

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Curley said...

Hope you feel better soon. When you go for that coffee break, don't forget the coupons I gave you. Have a great visit and hope to see you next week at work.