Thursday, July 12, 2007

On A Day When You Just Don't Want To Be A Grownup

You’re never too old to learn something new, and sometimes the best lessons come from children. Consider: The typical five-year-old laughs out loud 400 times a day; an adult just 15. We grown-ups could definitely use some lessons in lightening up. Every kid also knows that the messier the room is, the more fun you had! So let a child’s enthusiasm for life rub off on you. Here are just a few pearls of wisdom that can bring out the "kid" in all of us.

1. Each and every birthday is a big deal. Even if you can no longer count your age on your fingers, you deserve a birthday party with friends, a cake, presents and silly games.

2. Just because you have to eat things that are good for you doesn’t mean you can’t make a face when you do. Maybe that tofu-and-sprouts sandwich would actually taste better if you scowled at it for a while.

3. When you’re indecisive, rock/paper/scissors is as good a way as any to make up your mind.

4. People come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Isn’t that grand?

5. When you’re cranky and tired, a nap is just what the doctor ordered. Find a fluffy pillow and blanket, turn off the lights and rest your eyes for 20 minutes. And when you wake up, have some milk and cookies.

6. Everybody needs a time-out now and then. It’s a great chance to sit and think about what you’ve done wrong and how you can avoid doing it again.

7. It’s often better to bang on the pots and pans with a fork, spoon and knife that to cook in them. After all, that’s why they invented take-out.

8. On average, a five-year-old laughs out loud 400 times a day. An adult laughs only 15 times. Can you find 385 more things to laugh about today?

9. If you spend your life avoiding doing things that make you look silly, you’ll never have any fun. Do you really care what people think as long as you’re having a good time and aren’t hurting anyone?

10. The messier the room is, the more fun you had!

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Lilith said...

LOL, we do paper-rock-scissors in this house all the time to break ties. Only thing is I suck at it so I usually lose.