Monday, July 30, 2007


In the midst of an otherwise "crappy" summer, yesterday was like a breath of fresh air. First, Tilly and I went to church. My quartet sang the special music, which was delightful. Immediately after church, the same quartet trekked to Big City to do a guest concert at a church picnic. The pastor of that church used to be our associate pastor, and she invited us to sing at their picnic. Other than getting my bare head sunburned, it was a total delight. The people were warm and welcoming, and so receptive to our music, that too soon our hour concert was over. I think all of us could feel the spirit of God moving in our midst.

After striking and packing up the sound equipment in Hube's SUV, Tilly and I crossed the Big City from south to northside where we met up with my college roomie and his lovely wife. Now this is a couple who we have been friends with for nigh on to 40 years. The live in the next state and Big City is about the same distance for both of us. We try to meet a few times a year to just eat and visit. Well, yesterday, we met at Cracker Barrel, ate a late lunch, then sat on the veranda for 4 hours and just got caught up on each other's goings on. We used to think we had to go to the mall or something, but this time we just sat. It was wonderful. Roomie and I lived together for almost 2 years back in the day, and we have remained close friends ever since. Our wives are like sisters. Our children are close to the same age and we both have grandchildren. The only difference is they have 7 grandkids, we only have 1.

All too soon, it was time to go home. Admid hugs and kisses and promises to get together again before the snow flies, I was struck by how lucky I am to have a friend like Roomie. How many of us have a friend that lasts a lifetime? I feel truly blessed.

Like I said, it's been a crappy summer with a plethora of problems, but once in a while, there is a glimmer of sunshine that creeps into the clouds. Yesterday was my glimmer.




Lilith said...

I love when I can get together with an old friend and just sit and talk forever! Which is something I can always do with the Professor. Now I just have to figure out how to get her back here! LOL

Jimmie Earl said...

lil: If you think of a way to get the Professor back to Area 52, more power to you. I think she has found her niche. That I cannot fault, but I sure do miss her. Thanks for commenting. I don't get too many comments. I appreciate all I do get, tho.