Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Value of a Delete Key

If any of you out there read my last post, you know how I feel about a certain subject. Well, I got some negative feedback, so I guess I offended the masses. It wasn't my intent, and when I first started blogging I warned readers that I get somewhat passionate about some subjects.
While I am not apologizing for my last blog, I am deleting it in order to keep the peace.




Lilith said...

I wish you wouldn't have deleted that post, I found it quite enlightening.

Part of the reason we have blogs is to express how we feel, and yes there will be times people don't like what we have to say, but that's where you delete their rude comments, instead of a great post like that one was!

Please don't censor yourself cause someone was being an ass!

Anonymous said...

Can we can "Amen". I also wish you hadn't deleted it. I find your blogs very good reading. Keep up the good work.