Saturday, October 13, 2007

Making Changes

This gets really complicated, so hang on.
While my brother and sister-in-law were home for Tilly's funeral and etc, they noticed the dire state of my livingroom carpeting. We had a dog. Dog was not well trained. I wasn't home much, working two jobs, and Tilly, of course, who wanted the dumb dog in the first place, wasn't always able to catch the dog in time, so of course, Dog would pee on the carpet. Then when we did find a wet spot, I would try to clean it up. Well, you get the picture. Soooo, being the generous people they are, my big brother said they would take me to the carpet store and let me pick new and would pay for new carpeting. Of course, this called for carpeting up the open stairs, too, so that is going to happen as well.
Now, son Lil Bro and Sistah decide that, since Dad is getting new carpeting, he needs to have the living room painted. So they took me to the paint store, carpet samples in hand, and helped me pick new paint for my living room. Besides that, they are coming and putting it on the walls for me. I got up early this morning and started cutting in the wood trim and ceiling. Then, I decided to stop and wait. Son does painting for other people part time, and has all kinds of equipment, so maybe he will have a tool to make edging easier than a brush.
I took down the curtains at 1 am this morning and washed them all. I ran the sweeper over the woodwork and dusted the ledges of the windows. I have pulled all the furniture away from the walls that I can move by myself, and I have made coffee. I am ready!
Oh, and did I mention that since all the furniture is in country blues, mauves, and ivory, that the ugly GREEN chair which was a gift from my in-laws is on it's way out. Why did they pick green, anyhow? Anyway, I gave it to the first band of gypsys that came by, (not really, I just love that expression), I really gave it to a friend who was here and really liked the chair. It's a nice recliner, but it is too green, too big and besides it hurts my back if I sit in it too long.
Oh, and I had to pick some material to have new cushions made for my "orthopedic" rocker. The old ones were red, and just didn't cut it in the "new" living room.
This decorating business is hard work. I know what I like, and I think I am headed in the right direction. Now, if the kids would just get here! I am getting anxious to get started.
More later, when it's all done. Aren't families wonderful?

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