Monday, May 12, 2008

Things I Have Learned Recently

Through trial and error I learned some very helpful and interesting things lately.

  • No matter how it is cooked, a TV dinner still tastes like wallpaper paste.
  • Any kind of cheap wine goes with said TV dinner. Doesn't make it taste better, but less painful going down.
  • I am no longer a good date for a 44 year old. Enough said!
  • I still hate doing laundry.
  • My favorite wine goes well with Fig Newtons.
  • Vanilla Bean ice cream is the best.
  • I really like Asian Cusine.
  • One never has enough money. This month it's trying to decide whether to buy food or gas.
  • 11 hours of work in one day is too much for someone my age.
  • Walmart Super Stores are a thing to be avoided. I see too many things I want.
  • Grocery shopping when I am hungry is a no-no.
  • I really am enjoying working in my yard.
  • I am really tired of rain.
  • One can never have enough clean underwear.
  • I need to watch closer how much toilet paper I have in stock.
  • Sheets stay cleaner if I shower at night.
  • Chocolate is still one of the five basic food groups.
  • There is a big difference in being alone and being lonely.

That's about it. I will probably learn more as I wonder farther into this strange world.




Lilith said...

"Walmart Super Stores are a thing to be avoided. I see too many things I want."

I so totally agree. I can't go in there without a list otherwise I buy tons that I don't need and forget most of what I do!

Professor said...

Great list dad!