Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thoughts About Retirement

As my retirement draws closer I keep having random thoughts about it.

1. Will I really have time to sit and drink coffee in the mornings?

2. Will it be rude to laugh and point at Prof and Kiddo as they leave for school in the fall?

3. Will I get tired of sleeping until I am ready to get up?

4. Will I get bored?

5. Will I always keep my laundry done and the house neat?

6. Will I find romance since I will have more time to look?

7. Will I exercise more?

8. Will I become a hermit and never leave the house, let my nose hair and eyebrows grow?

9. Will I ever make it to Nova Scotia?

10. How well will I fit in with the other "old farts" at the Senior Center?

Oh, the things I think about when contemplating packing it in and beginning a new chapter in my life!


1 comment:

Curley said...

#1. yes. #2 Probably. #3 No.
#4 Sometimes. #5 Not always. #6 Possibly. #7 Probably Not. #8Never. #9 Definately. and #10 They will drive you nuts. But you would get along great with some of them.