Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Due to retirement, I am now going to keep my yard neater! (Or so I say now.) While my brother was here last week, we trimmed trees. Actually it was more like cutting wood in the forest, but I digress,
I have this hedge of blooming pink wigelia along the alley in the back. It had gotten so we could not see if there was anyone coming down the alley from the west (it's a thru alley going both N/S and E/W. ) So I went out yesterday and cut the hedge down to about knee high. I have been assured that it will fill in and "come back," so that was no problem. I worked with lopping shears, hedge shears, and electric hedge trimmers. It looks sort of shabby right now, but it will improve. This morning I got up early and went out and trimmed my forsythia and spirea bushes. They were way out of control, but now they aren't. They look so much better. Next is the lilac bush. I intend to take it down even with the top of my fence. Next spring maybe I will be able to reach the flowers which were way over my head this year. Then there's the peony bushes that are done blooming and need to be cut back, and there is the shed that needs painted. Ahh! Sweet retirement! But now, it's time for a shower, coffee and my recliner and a good book. I certainly don't want to rush into anything.

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Curley said...

I bet it will look just beautiful next spring when everything starts to bloom. Don't overdue and end up with sore muscles.