Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I read so Much

As you have probably noticed, there have been a great number of books added to my reading list recently. Since I have retired, I have a lot more time to read. Also, I am pretty much of a home-body and prefer to stay home and read or do other stuff, rather than run around.

Next reason is that it's been too damn hot and humid outside to want to be out. I go out in the mornings early and work in the yard, or go for a walk before the heat gets to me, then I have more time to read. I don't particularly like to watch TV, and, since the season for my favorite show, "Big Bang Theory" is over, there's really nothing to see after Jeopardy. So I read.

I like to read fiction. It takes me places and lets me meet people in my mind. I have the tendency to cast books like a movie, creating characters in my head, which helps me relate to them and the story line. Every time I read a "Joe Pickett" novel, I picture Tom Selleck as Pickett. If they ever want to make these novels into movies, I could be of some assistance to the casting director.

When I graduated from college, after being forced to read text books off and on for five years, (no I didn't go right straight through) I swore I would never read for knowledge again. I would only read for fun. Well, that didn't work, because I took a job out of college, and remained in it for over 30 years, that required a lot of reading of tech manuals, and research publications. I did that on company time, though. At home I read for entertainment. Or at least most of the books I read were entertaining. (note here I say most...the first fictional novel I read after college was "Gone with the Wind." It was boring, hard to read and really quite a tome of "chick lit." My wife had said it was so good!) But I progressed on the good fiction, so just look back in my blog the last couple of years and you can find some really good reads.

I never liked to read when I was a kid. I would rather be outside, in the barn, or down at the lake swimming or just hanging out with my friends. But the older I got, the more I found it easy to escape some of the trials and tribulations of my teenage years, by reading. I guess the habit stuck, and luckily it rubbed off on my daughter, Prof. She too is an avid reader. My son, Lil Bro likes to read, too and has even been writing or has written a mystery novel. It is unpublished, but maybe sometime. I keep trying to convince Prof that she should also write "the great American novel." She has had so many interesting experiences and hilarious things go on in her life, that I know she could sell a million copies.

Today, I have an middle ear infection. I am having an allergic reaction (Hives) from the antibiotic the Dr. prescribed, so I am taking it easy, taking benedryll and trying not to sweat. I have to change antibiotics after the rash/hives heal, and the infection is just going to take longer to heal. So, In the meantime, I will immerse myself in still another fictional novel.

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Curley said...

Good write. I too love to read, just not quite as much as you two do. I hope you feel better tomorrow.