Thursday, June 24, 2010

Try This: Fun but Hard

Use the first letter of your name to complete each topic in this list:

Famous Athlete: Joe DiMaggio
4 letter word: Joke
Street name: Juniper St.
Gifts/presents: jars of jam
Vehicles: Jeep
Tropical Location: Jamaica
College Major: journalism
Dairy Product: Jamocca Ice Cream
Thing in a Souvenir shop: jewelry
Boys name: Jack, Joe
Girls name: Jane, Jocelyn
Movie Title: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Alcohol: Julep, Jack Daniels
Occupation: Judge
Flower: Jonquil
Celebrity: James Brolin, Judge Judy
Magazine: Jet, Jack and Jill
U S City: Jacksonville, FL
Pro Sport Team: Jazz of Utah
Something found in Kitchen: Juicer
Reason for being late: jogging
Something you throw away: junk
Something you shout: Jackpot!
Cartoon Character: Jeff (of Mutt and Jeff)

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