Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Job Search...not me!

Ever since Prof has returned from the wild west, she has been looking for a job. A permanent job. Today, she got three offers within an hour. This gives new meaning to the old adage, "when it rains; it pours."

One school system wanted her as a SPED paraprofessional at their Jr. High School. Another school wanted her to fill a 6-9 week pregnancy leave, teaching English.

Another system wanted her to be a Special Needs aide to a blind second-grader being mainstreamed into regular classes and needing one-on-one aid.

Today she made a decision. She really wanted to do the pregnancy leave, but hesitated in taking it because it was only for six to nine weeks, with nothing offered after that. So, she called the other system and explained the situation. They agreed that she should take the English job, and furthermore, they agreed to hold the Jr. High paraprofessional job open, filling it with a sub, until Prof could take over. They said she came so highly recommended, that they wanted her!

She is overjoyed! She also has found out that someone is working on helping her get licensed in this state, which would be great. Someone who knows someone at the state level. We'll see how that all pans out.

Then later on this afternoon, she received a "heads-up" phone call from a former co-worker, that one of the major social service agencies in our part of the state is bantering her name about within the agency, and said co-worker wanted her to know that she "might" be getting a call from them in the near future.

This, plus being in love, has made her a very happy camper! Me, too.


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